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Welcome to the Staten Island Democratic Association (SIDA) Website 





SIDA was the first New York City political club with a website, with an online presence dating back to 1995.


Founded in 1961, SIDA is Staten Island's oldest, largest and most progressive Democratic Club.


Our meetings feature local & national politicians, media personalities, consultants, authors, activists & lots of spirited discussion.


We engage in advocacy for candidates, causes & issues. 


 "I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms are in the physical." Thomas Jefferson, 1787


Most Recent Newsletter


 For more information contact


Bobby Digi

(718) 288-2402



Next Meeting 

8 p.m.


  April 17, 2018

 Location:  ATU 726 Union Hall, 3948 Amboy Road
(enter from Hillside Terrace)

 Congressional Endorsement Vote


 Max Rose                                           Michael DeVito Jr

                     Radhakrishna Mohan                     Omar Vaid




Zach Emig                                          Paul Sperling                


Assembly, State Senate &  Judicial candidate presentations